We, the team at Mojo Helpdesk

A help desk for all.

In the Beginning

Over 10 years ago, Metadot, Mojo’s parent company, needed a help desk so we could provide our customers with personal and dynamic technical support. We couldn’t find a help desk software that met our needs, so we built it. Customers liked it so much we decided to transform it into a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering. Today, thousands of businesses with only a few to thousands of agents use Mojo Helpdesk to serve their customers and employees.

The Philosophy Behind

The Mojo team members think, breathe and live by these four guiding principles:

  • make things that improve users productivity
  • keep things as simple as possible
  • make them cost effective
  • deliver them with the best possible customer support

Now, Tomorrow, The Future

We are always improving Mojo Helpdesk. Based on customer feedback and market trends, we regularly add new capabilities weekly, sometimes daily.

It can be quite a challenge to increase functionality without increasing complexity, so we put users feedback at the center of our development process and iterate and improve continually.

The Mission

We are all about productivity. When it comes to the Mojo Helpdesk our mission is clear. Provide an easy to use cost-effective help desk that people enjoy using and will recommend to their peers.

The locations

The Mojo team is primarily based in Austin, Texas USA, where the mother ship, Metadot Corporation is headquartered. We are very excited that the France team is growing, so we can better serve our European customers. Our team is from diverse cultures, countries and continents. We think this makes us better, more creative and ultimately helps us understand our customers better.

Always at your service

If you have a question, need support or need assistance with something, please contact us.

You can reach out directly to Daniel Guermeur, our CEO and founder, at @supercobra.

We appreciate you taking a look around. We’d love to have you as a customer.

Thank you for visiting Mojo Helpdesk.