Make the most of your assets with Mojo Helpdesk

Your company's greatest assets are your customers and employees. To track everything else, there’s Mojo Asset.

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Centralize, assign, locate

Mojo Asset can assign devices to people so nothing gets lost.

Track device deffects

Mojo Asset can link tickets to assets providing an historical record of all device defects.

Hard & soft assets

Mojo Helpdesk's asset management monitors license contracts, warranty expiration dates and creates reminders ahead of time.

Manage assets with Mojo Helpdesk

With Mojo Helpdesk’s asset management, easily create assets, assign them and track by location, department or user:

  • Link tickets to assets
  • Search tickets based on assets
  • View asset incident history
Assets management
Centralize all assets

Centralize soft & hard assets

Manage and track soft and hard assets:

  • IT devices, laptops, computers, printers, copiers, smartphones
  • Contracts, licenses
  • Physical assets - car fleet, tools

From hardware to software, desktop to mobile, easily track every asset in the organization. Consolidate and monitor all assets with Mojo Helpdesk’s Asset Management.

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