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Read this case study to learn how ACC used Mojo Helpdesk to improve efficiency, decrease costs, increase user satisfaction.

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Austin Community College

Mike Hill,
Director, Campus Technology Services

Austin Community College case & Mojo Helpdesk study

  • Key data: University with 11 campuses. Over 100,000 students. Top 20 largest colleges in the U.S.
  • Challenge: Help desk staff was facing constant reorganizations and the workflow changes were slow and costly to implement.
  • Solution: Mojo Helpdesk provided a risk-free and cost-effective solution that is flexible to handle the evolving needs.
  • Results: Help desk efficiency has increased, allowing Austin Community College to decrease costs.

Challenge: Reorganizations and workflows changes

Austin Community College is a nationally recognized two-year college serving Central Texas for 50 years. The college currently enrolls more than 43,000 credit students and services an additional 15,000 students each year through non-credit programs. With such a large college, there comes daunting challenges. “There’s always a crisis going on every week, whether it is equipment replacements or software issues. We’re also frequently reorganizing,” says Mike Hill, Director, Campus Technology Services. There is a lot of churn with the college’s call center, and the technicians on campus. “People are constantly changing jobs, which always changes workflows.” As Director, Mike sees every help desk ticket that comes through, allowing him to see opportunities to improve workflows. Because of the environment changes, routing flaws inevitably popped up with the old unwieldy implementation. “Our old software used custom made HTML forms and required a lot of interventions by administrators to keep it going. We had to maintain the system in-house.”

Mojo Helpdesk provides a risk-free solution

Conveniently, the old help desk license “was nearing end of life. We had no plans to continue because it was cost prohibitive.” Mike needed a more cost effective and versatile solution that would allow him to empower all his personnel. He also needed a solution with Google authentication, and found Mojo Helpdesk through Google Workspace for Education (formerly Google Apps for Education). “The cost of the product was great, and it wasn’t a risky move to try it out.” Austin Community College first tried a limited trial with a small group for a couple months. That’s all the time they needed to decide on rolling out Mojo Helpdesk for the rest of the college.

“The rollout took 3 months. We set up workflows and programming items, and were constantly training employees. We started closing tickets on the old system, and opening new tickets on Mojo Helpdesk.” A drastic change such as changing a help desk system is usually met with a lot of employee resistance. “That wasn’t the case for us. Once we had employees in the room, and gave them access to test out Mojo Helpdesk, we had them hooked. They loved the interface and Google integration.”

Improvements across the board for agents, customers, and administrators

Austin Community College has 190 agents assisting 2900 users, and addressing over 1,700 tickets a month, with the help of Mojo Helpdesk. Overall efficiency has definitely shown improvement.

"We were originally going to increase the tech support count before Mojo Helpdesk. Now we don’t have to." says Mike. Since implementing Mojo Helpdesk, employees have noticed a better user experience. “The number of features we benefit from are numerous. Because of the Google Workspace integration, our employees can now access and respond to tickets via email. We can also access tickets through the mobile app. Being able to bypass tech support with automated queues has been really helpful in limiting false positives.”

Agents aren’t the only ones who have seen improvements. “Our customers now have more visibility to tickets. They can easily check the status of tickets, and can respond back via email. They can also rate the service they receive from support staff, which helps us easily spot and address any quality issues that arise.”

From an administrator standpoint, managing tickets has never been easier. “With the Watchlist feature, I can monitor the challenging tickets that may include different departments. Mojo Helpdesk has allowed us to get far more people outside of IT involved. Many tickets cross organizational boundaries as they are multi-step so Mojo Helpdesk has helped solve that challenge.”

Austin Community College’s Help desk Future is Secure with Mojo Helpdesk

While Mike is retiring in the near future, he knows that the college’s help desk is in good hands with his team and Mojo Helpdesk. “We have good managers in place, and all my staff are servant leaders. For those shopping around for a new help desk, I would definitely recommend Mojo Helpdesk for the value, ease of startup, and return on investment.” With the help of Mojo Helpdesk, Mike was able to improve help desk efficiency, decrease costs and massively improve user satisfaction.

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