Mojo Features:
Everything you need,
nothing you don't.

Customer help center

Help your customers help themselves. Turn support tickets into amazing customer experiences.
Mac Book Pro image Overview of the helpcenter
Knowledge base
Create a resource of articles to answer customers' frequently asked questions. Share technical documentation, product tutorials, screen shots or videos.
Welcome portal
A welcome area where you can add content to notify customers. Post instructions on creating tickets, help desk business hours, help desk updates or priority response times.
Custom domain
Brand the help desk by customizing the domain to match your website domain. A custom domain allows all emails to come from your domain, it's as simple as that.
Offer the best in customer support in Spanish, French or English. Multiple-languages allow you to serve the help center in one language and work in another.

Ticket management

Keep track of all requests in one centralized, streamlined help desk.
Overview of the ticketing section
Custom ticket forms
Add email addresses to be used for ticket creation. Mojo Helpdesk works with your email out-of-the-box.
Email integration
Add email addresses to be used for ticket creation. Mojo Helpdesk works with your email out-of-the-box.
Custom views
Create custom ticket lists to display tickets by the criteria you select. Share the lists among your team or create them just for yourself.
Storage management
File uploads can be managed in the storage section for quick downloading or removing from tickets to free up more space.


Know everything. In real time.
Overview of the dashboard
Dashboard metrics
Review the overall performance of your help desk in the Dashboard. Key metrics provide insight on what has been worked on and what still needs to be worked on.
SLA targets
Stay SLA compliant by setting up service level targets for the help desk. SLA targets let you know when you are passing or failing one of the targets for a group, queue, priority or any staff member.
Aging summary
Always know what tickets are open and for how long. This report breaksdown open tickets by agent, queue, form, and type. You can easily see a count for each list and access the tickets from the report.
Time tracking
Track time spent on specific portions of tickets. Need to bill based on time? This feature is for you.

Go mobile

Deliver exceptional customer support on the go.
Mobile apps for Mojo Helpdesk gives agents, managers and admins the ability to track and manage customers support tickets from any mobile device. Providing all of the ticket tracking and customer service functionality as the desktop version allowing agents to create, assign, update and resolve tickets on the go. Perfect for field service agents working in remote locations or in-office agents that might be away from their desk. Be sure that support requests never fall through the cracks. Download the apps from Google Play or the App Store.

Advanced security

We know how important security is to you. It's just as important to us.
SSL encryption
Secure your help desk data by using SSL across all pages. Secure Socket Layer encryption ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral.
SSL certificate
Using SSL across all pages and have a custom domain? We will install your SSL certificate on your site so your help desk displays as verified and trusted by the browser.


Increase your teams engagement and productivity.
Response to a ticket
Canned responses
Stop typing the same responses over and over. Canned responses allow pre-formatted content to be inserted into messages as needed.
Business rules automate workflow and processes. Auto-assign, auto-close, auto-escalate, auto-remind, auto-alert and much more.
Import data
Migrating from another help desk software? Mojo allows you to import user data and legacy tickets.
Customizable email templates
Change any email that is sent by Mojo Helpdesk to be in your own words so it looks like a real email.


Your help desk connected to your other favorite apps.
Google logo
Google apps
Install Mojo Helpdesk in your Google Apps domain to provide users with direct login and user creation.
API icon
Use the REST API to integrate with other applications. You can also create or update tickets and users with the API.
Zappier logo
Works with Zapier to connect to over 500+ business apps to automate any work process.

Integrate with thousands of apps in one click with Zapier

Google Calendar logo Mojo Helpdesk logo
Google Calendar: Create recurring tickets: Want to create a ticket to remember your monthly routine tasks? It’s easy with Google Calendar – Mojo Helpdesk integration. Create a recurring event in Google Calendar and a Mojo Helpdesk ticket will be created automatically each time.
Mojo Helpdesk logo Office 365 logo
Office 365 Calendar: Keep track of due dates: Easily keep track of ticket deadlines by adding Mojo Helpdesk tickets with due dates to your Office 365 calendar automatically.
Facebook logo Mojo Helpdesk logo
Facebook Pages: Create support tickets from Facebook notifications – Integrate Mojo Helpdesk with Facebook Pages to automatically create a ticket when certain Facebook notifications come in.
Slack logo Mojo Helpdesk logo
Slack: Kicking off a new project? Create automatic tickets based on popular Slack triggers such as new mentions, new stars, and more.
Mojo Helpdesk logo Asana logo
Asana: Stay on top of your tickets with tasks: Make tickets a priority with this automation. Each time a new ticket is created in Mojo Helpdesk, Zapier will create a new project in Asana.
Mojo Helpdesk logo Salesforce logo
Salesforce: Manage your sales leads: New tickets coming in to your Mojo Helpdesk sales queue can automatically generate new leads in your Salesforce CRM.
Mojo Helpdesk logo Trello logo
Trello: Create Mojo Helpdesk tickets whenever a specific Trello card or project board is created. The integration can also allow you to create Trello cards from a specific type of Mojo Helpdesk ticket.
Twitter logo Mojo Helpdesk logo
Twitter: Create support tickets from Tweets: Assist your customers through Twitter with the Twitter – Mojo Helpdesk integration. Twitter likes, keywords, and lists can all be used to trigger Mojo Helpdesk to create a support ticket automatically.

User management

User management and detailed information all in one.
Satisfaction ratings
Earn customer satisfaction ratings on every ticket for each agent, queue and group.
User profiles
All user data in one place. Manage contact information, passwords, asset information, API access keys, staff notes and support information.
User groups
Group users by company, department, campus, location, or any criteria and view tickets by group.
Group access rights
Set which group is able to submit tickets to which help desk queue.